1 . Pha Ngam Cave :

 is located at substation 2 which is 8 km. from Wang Nua  district. Substation 2 in about 60 km.
from the headquarters. In this area there are many caves which tourists can visit, others include; Nam Cave, Mor Cave, Luang Cave and Look Ko Cave.

2 . Enjoy Dok Siew :
Dok Siew, Bauhinia tenuiflora Watt ex Clarke of family Caesalpiniaceae, blossoms in January
-February every year in the high mountains of Baan(Village) Pa Mieng, about 18 km. from Chae
Son National Park HQ. The wild flower decoratively blossoms all over the mountains in which
traveler can drive to enjoy its beauty.

3 . Chae Sorn Hot Springs:
Provide an interesting feature. There are 9 boreholes emiting the hot water from deep in the earth.The
area is covered with many small rocks and you will notice the strange smell of sulphur in the air.The
water emerges at a temperature of 73 degree Celsius. Enabling you to boil an egg about 17 minutes.

4 .The Warm Spring :
is a pool where the water from the hot spring meets with the cold water of Chae Sorn waterfall
crea ting water that is a very pleasant temperature for taking a bath or a swim if you wish.

5 . The Hot Spring Rooms :
comprise of 11 rooms for relaxing in large pools of spring water
and 16 rooms for taking a Thai style bath. The rooms are all
linked by pipes to the hot spring. Bathing in the water is said
to be good for healthy blood flow.

6 . Mae Morn Waterfall :
is fast flowing with a high fall comprising of many steps. It is 5 km. from the ChaeSon Nationa l Park Headquarters by dirt track. Suitable for Nature studying.

7 . Mae Khun Waterfall :
close to Mae Morn waterfall, falls over 100 m. and flows into the same river
as Mae Morn.

8 . Mae Pieg Waterfall:
Another beautiful waterfall, it is located 3 km. from the Chae Sorn National
Park Headquarters and can be reached by a Natural Trail. The falls are high
100 m. over 3 levels.

9 . Chae Sorn Waterfall :
Originating from Mae Morn creek it has water flowing all year.It has many
pools and comprises of six levels in total. It is located about 1 km.
from the Chae Sorn National Park Headquarters and can be reached by car
or by foot.

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